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Personalised guide to hormone harmony through natural self-healing

Struggling with painful periods...

...endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, perimenopause or PMDD? Or you're not sure, but you know something's not right? 

You're not alone. You can stop searching your symptoms and guessing, because we're a one-stop shop to troubleshoot your period pains and support your medical journey.  

For those of you already diagnosed, you don't have to just manage symptoms anymore. GoddessSync empowers you to take an active role in your health and achieve true hormone harmony, naturally.

“Our current approach of eating all day, without ever dipping into periods of fasting, has us going against our own genetic code.”

Dr Mindy Pelz

Harmonising science, ancient wisdom & holistic wellbeing

Weight gain, anxiety and depression are but a few of the painful symptoms millions of womxn suffer due to hormonal imbalances and related health issues. Imbalances which have been attributed to living in the modern world and the systemic gender data gap, especially in medicine. 

The historic presumption that womxn are just ‘smaller men’ has resulted in a lack of knowledge and respect for the hormones and natural cycles that differentiate male and female sex hormones. In turn, womxn and society at large have ignored the importance of supporting our hormone balance. 

Hormonal issues in women are on the rise. If you know 10 women with a uterus, 1 of them will have endometriosis or PCOS. Due to the lack of medical research, diagnosis for something as debilitating as endometriosis will take an average of 8 years. And it will take 10 doctor visits to be diagnosed as perimenopausal. You get the picture.  

Our menstrual cycle is considered to be one of our vital signs, as the complex orchestra of hormones reflects a womxn's overall health. But our modern lives, riddled with stress, unnatural light and a toxic environment is wreaking havoc on our hormones, which is reflected in our painful periods.

GoddessSync addresses these issues by drawing on growing scientific research on the health benefits of holistic wellbeing practices and lifestyle habits, such as the ancient wisdom of intermittent fasting and cycle synching nutrition.

Period Tracker +

Unlike other apps, we bring together a number of trackers which will help you understand your cycle, support a hormone imbalance diagnosis and make sustainable lifestyle changes in a way that takes into account the complex particularities of your sex hormones throughout the month. 

We'll personalise our guidance to your cycle and lifestyle. 

Be part of the revolution!

Times are changing. Womxn's health beyond fertility is finally starting to become a focal point in research and innovation. By signing up, you'll become part of a community that will contribute to a revolution in medical science by closing the cavernous data gap between men and womxn’s health, bringing us closer to gender health equity. 

Weight gain is a hormone-driven behaviour.

Dr Jason Fung

Features You Can Expect

Track Your Journey

Cycle predictions, log symptoms, track hormones, and analyse patterns to understand how your body responds throughout the month. Compare your symptoms with others in the community.

Unlock Your Power

Our diagnostic tool helps pinpoint potential causes of period issues and provides you with the information you need to advocate for yourself with your healthcare provider.

Holistic Practice

Personalised fasting plans aligned with your cycle with targeted nutrition, mindful movement, and stress management techniques to address the root causes of hormonal imbalances and support healing.

Menstrual Phase

In this phase, find resonance with the Greek goddess Persephone, who descends into the underworld, symbolising introspection and the shedding of the old to embrace renewal. 

As Persephone rises, so does your body, ready for a fresh beginning.

You're different everyday

Healthy weight loss, improved productivity, cellular repair, menopause symptom management and mental clarity, whatever your wellbeing goals are, knowing about where you are in your cycle can improve your results and help you embrace the natural ebb and flow of your seasonality. 

Goddess mode activated!

Join the GoddessSync inner circle for news and updates on our progress. We're working hard to bring this app to life and we'd love nothing more than to have you on this journey with us!